Hope Fuse uses three programs as vehicles for mentorship. Each program will include grade monitoring, attendance tracking, quarterly goal plans, access to each of our participating partners, and monthly gatherings. Our programs are tied to mental and physical health being in alignment and will reflect our mentees working on their health and wellness while receiving mentorship throughout that process.

North Star

The North Star program is designed for mentees 17-21. This program is geared to focus on short-term goals with a big picture in mind. Each mentor will support their mentee in developing resumes, cover letters, and portfolios for their desired line of work. They will also search, contact, and connect mentees with internships and apprenticeships with the mentees desired field.

Mentors will help mentees complete FAFSA’s and college applications, along with developing life skills such as budgeting, meal planning and prep, lease and contract support, credit understanding, and more. This program will be intense, and mentors will meet with mentees as often as three times a week. The participants in this group will also meet with the Hope Fuse leadership team to learn peer mentoring and training, mock interviews, and creating program exiting strategies.

Student Athlete Development

As the first step in the development process, student-athletes should focus intently on personal enhancement and an understanding of how their institution defines academic and athletic excellence. Personal enhancement is the foundation for overall student-athlete success. Our Student Athlete Development program is geared towards mentees who already engaged in high level sports, whether through school or in the private sector. We will support each mentee on this quest by designing programing and providing opportunities that they would not otherwise have access to in their sport.

We will help them to create athlete profiles that will give them a leg up on the other athletic competition. With our partnerships we will help to provide scholarship opportunities both through 3 annual Hope Fuse scholarships as well as providing references and support when applying for our partner’s scholarships.

Topics are:

  • Transitioning to college, time management, accountability, personal branding, making good choices, ethics, character building, mental health, social media training, coping skills/ stress management, study skills, and wellness and nutrition.


The SPARK program is our largest program that supports our mentees ages 10 years to 17 years old. This program is designed to “Spark” the mentee into action. We will build long term and short-term goals and begin to tackle each goal with the light at the end of the tunnel in mind. Each mentee will be asked to create a vision board when they begin with us and then throughout their time with us, we will make sure that we are always aligned with their vision and update it as necessary. Each participant in the SPARK program will have access to foreign language experts, both to help with translations, as well as to expose and teach each mentee another language. We will SPARK mentees growth and development, with their interest and hopes in mind.

Located onsite at schools

Each site will have at least one mentor onsite during the school day and available as an afterschool resource.  Each mentor will have their paraprofessional certification. Mentors, along with their mentees, the families, and all relevant school personnel, will be responsible for creating a goal plan which is updated every 3 months. Mentors will meet with the Hope Fuse team monthly to review cases. Mentors will serve as:

  • In class resource when needed
  • After school programming for registered students
  • Release of Information signed by all parties and information shared with school

Located at the Hope Fuse office

At the office the mentees, their families, and other relevant professionals will create a goal plan with a mentor that will be reviewed and updated quarterly. Mentors will meet weekly with the Hope Fuse team for check ins and monthly for case reviews. Mentors will serve as:

  • Community resources for the mentees
  • Homework support throughout the school year
  • Transportation support for mentees who need to get to appointments, athletics, events and more
  • Provide parent/family meetings quarterly onsite
  • Mentoring in SPARK, Student Athlete Development, or North Star Programs
  • Monitoring and support during “open-gym” and ARCH sports
  • Supporting mentees work with partners of Hope Fuse