“Ness is a charismatic trustworthy man who has guided me down the right path in life. His work truly resonates with me as an individual and is something I know will be of help to me for the rest of my life. Ness does so well at planting the seeds for you, and making you realize it’s up to you to make the change. His guidance is the perfect balance between making sure you are on the right path and giving you the distance needed for you to truly grow as an individual. His professionalism and effectiveness will not go unnoticed. I have Ness to thank for jump-starting all the blessings and success in my life.”
Keagan Maloney
Freshman, Winona State University
"Manasseh has been a huge part of my life, not only has he exceeded the role of being a great older cousin he has fulfilled the role of being a great older brother. I can’t speak for the rest of my family but what I will say is Manasseh has been an inspiration; he has worked tirelessly to put himself through school then on to support his family. I remember after he graduated with his bachelors degree he sent us a short message, telling us though things may get hard and the road may become rough we must all keep persevering. This especially inspired me because the life of an immigrant child is not easy and I was just starting to see how rough the road can get. Even with all the hardships Manasseh has endured in life he still some how has only seen the bigger picture and that is what Hope Fuse is built on."
Miyanda Chiyombwe
Hope Fuse Attendee
Manasseh met Josh 8 years ago when Josh was in middle school. “Ness has helped me develop as a young man by leading by example, and by always doing the right thing for himself and more so for others. You have also helped me with my football ability’s by sending me workouts to help me improve my craft, and also give advice. Someday when I am picking a college to attend, you will be one of the first people I talk to, to help me through that process."
Josh Buri
Hope Fuse Attendee
"Manasseh Kambaki is GRIT personified. He is courageous, bold, resilient, persistent, honest, driven and hardworking. I have looked up to him for years and he never ceases to amaze me. He’s a leader who will blaze a new trail for his mentees to follow and also demonstrate that no hurdle is too high or too wide!"
Songwe Chiyombwe
Hope Fuse Attendee